Brand Appearance


Founded in Vancouver, Canada, YUNITI Lifestyle is inspired to enhance human performance, for women and men. What started as an idea to improve functionality and features of typical fitness equipment, soon became a company in April of 2017 in Vancouver.

Our vision for our store is to create more than a website where people could get dependable gear; and we want to build a community where people could learn and discuss the physical aspects of living healthy, mindfulness and living a life of possibility. It is also crucial for us to create genuine relationships with our guests, and understand what their needs are and where their passion lies. How they like to sweat and help them achieve their goals.


YUNITI is an innovative brand, creating products tailored to suit the urban athlete. Engineered for fitness, training, and lifestyle, YUNITI develops the highest tech and well-designed products using only the highest quality materials. Our design teams are some of the greatest thinkers, producers, and equipment engineers in the active leisure industry. Designed without compromise, YUNITI exists to facilitate human performance.

yun·it·i  is the definition of a group or individual that brings people together, to empower as one, evolve as one, and to become stronger as one.