THE GRIND, Olive Green

THE GRIND, Olive Greenis a data-driven design, high-quality EVA foam roller that takes muscle therapy to another level. Our innovative design is targeted to help muscular & chronic pains. It’s great for increasing mobility & flexibility.

  • Hybrid design for optimal self-myofascial release to increase flexibility, circulation, and reduce muscle soreness
  • 2x more effective than regular foam rollers for warm up and active recovery
  • Helps increase circulation-ideal for warming up the body before physical activity
  • Reduce muscle soreness and stiffness for better recovery

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THE GRIND, Olive Green Foam Roller helps to increase blood flow to repair damaged muscles faster.  Made with high-quality EVA foam, THE GRIND by YUNITI is an elegant piece of equipment that is stylish, durable & versatile. Made to be compact and portable. THE GRIND is a simple and invaluable piece of equipment to own.

Features & Technologies

• A hybrid of the traditional flat-surface and high profile bump rollers 

• Sweat-proof and simple to clean

• A three-dimensional surface allows tissue to aerate while you roll, promoting the flow of blood and oxygen

• Compact and travel-friendly 

• Backed by a one-year warranty 

• Weight tested to support static loads up to 550 lbs/250 kg

• Trusted by professional athletes, massage therapists and trainers  

Perfect for dense tissue and anyone who prefers medium to firm compression.

Patent Pending | Designed & Made in Taiwan

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