6 Powerful Ways a Foam Roller Benefits Your Exercise Routine

by YUNITI LIFESTYLE Collaborator

Why is Foam Rolling so Beneficial?

Not only are foam rollers affordable and readily available, but they also improve health and reduce injury risk in six ways:

1. Increased Blood Flow

Myofascial release via foam rolling exercises stretches and loosens muscles. By applying force to your muscles and connective tissue over time, blood is squeezed out and replaced by a flood of fresh blood. 

Blood carries vital nutrients such as oxygen and glycogen to spent muscles. The more significant amount of blood flow leads to various related and beneficial results. 

 2. Improved Movements 

Better hydrated and looser muscles move past one another with less friction. This means that during a workout, movements are smoother and muscles are less likely to be pulled or damaged. 

Foam rolling before a workout as part of a dynamic warm-up is especially useful for myofascial release. 

 3. Better Range of Motion 

Another related advantage to self-massage is the improved range of motion of adequately stretched and lubricated muscles. 

A more extensive range of motion means that more muscle can be recruited in a given workout, leading to a more active routine. Better range of motion indicates more flexibility, which leads to the fourth advantage of foam rolling habits. 

 4. Decreased Injury Risk 

As stated before, self-massage increases circulation throughout the body. Better flow means a better range of motion and more effective body movements. 

Overall, myofascial release from foam rolling reduces the chance of injury because coordination of the body is improved. This means that the likelihood of an improper movement leading to injury is decreased significantly. On the flip side, if an injury does occur, self-massage techniques can be used to decrease recovery time. 

 5. Decreased Recovery Time 

Foam rolling is an effective means to draw blood to an injured area but also reduces recovery time between workouts. This is especially true of foam rolling after an exercise has been completed. 

After a workout, muscles and joints become sore because of the build-up of waste products such as lactic acid. When performed post-workout, a self-massage acts as washing the lactic acid away by recruiting fresh blood and nutrients to the fatigued muscle groups. The faster that exhausted muscles can receive adequate nutrients for recovery, the quicker they can rebuild. 

 6. Faster Results 

All of the positives of myofascial release lead to a decreased recovery time and a lower chance of injury. 

If an athlete stays healthy over time while being able to exercise more frequently, then they will inherently produce faster results. Foam rolling is a simple solution to a complex problem with significant benefits to practitioners.



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